Connecting Concept2 to your Mac

My Concept2 is awesome! Before joining the Moffet towers sports club, I used to drive to BIAC to use the rowing machine. And now, after getting »

IOS development course at CCSF

I had no idea that City College of San Francisco has been offering IOS development courses. Furthermore the IOS course is now taught in Swift. Although »

Sean Maloney's inspiring story

I have been privileged to be a member of BIAC rowing club and learn from people like Sean. Watch his incredible story: »

Want to lose weight? Indoor Rowing Machine might be your best friend.

If you are reading this the chances are you want to lose weight. Regardless of whether you have successfully or unsuccessfully tried to lose weight through »

Black and White Photography with Lumia 1020

With all this hype about the new iPhone 6 and how its camera is the best ever yet, I can't imagine my life without my Lumia »