Surface pro 3 stuck on surface logo

This morning I tried to restart my Surface pro 3 and it got stuck on the boot screen with the Surface logo. Holding the power button »

EXC_BAD_ACCESS on NSLog with no string formatting

In Swift you'll get this issue if you are logging an encoded URL which contains '%' - For example: NSLog("My long Encoded URL: (myLongUrlVar »

ATM to alert police of forced cash withdrawal

I do not remember the last time I used an ATM to withdraw cash. I simply do not need cash because I try to use Apple »

Naming your dog "Trigger" can be deadly

Saw this story on BBC this morning thinking why a British news outlet would cover a bazaar US story. If all previous shootings did not teach »

Adblue - BMW answer to Volkswagen

A storm brewing that can have very negative impact on Volkswagen. But what about BMW. Did BMW designed its diesel engine cars to be EPA friendly »