ATM to alert police of forced cash withdrawal

I do not remember the last time I used an ATM to withdraw cash. I simply do not need cash because I try to use Apple pay to buy all I need. For everything else there is MasterCard.
The true reason I do not use ATM is due to safety. ATMs are easy targets and turn an ordinary transaction into a nightmare.

I had no idea that back in 1994, eight years after the ATMs were introduced, someone thought of this and came up with a concept of an alternative emergency PIN system. The idea behind this invention is pretty simple: in emergency situations, enter the pin code backwards and that will alert the police. Sure could work when your pin code is 1234, but what about situations when the pin is 1221? Every time you go to the ATM and enter this code, the ATM jams the cash and alerts the police?

I got an idea, why not to have a big red panic button instead?